Bone graft substitutes

"Graftys HBS and Quickset", are two products for synthetic bone substitute material calcium phosphate-based care and stabilization of bone defects. The innovative products of Graftys have been tested for years and have proven themselves in many applications.

We represent and recommend two product lines of the injectable materials:

Graftys HBS - Hardening Bone Substitute
Graftys Quickset - Quick Hardening Bone Substitute

Encourage the conversion process to natural bone

Graftys® HBS abd Graftys® QuickSet are used for bone reconstructive and trauma surgery: fracture repair, extremities or pelvis, complex fractures, joint arthroplasty, tibial osteotomy. The material can be injected percutaneously for a better filling of remote bone cavities, minimally invasive surgery treatment of fractures, or Bone Marrow Lesions (in Europe only).

The material provides excellent support even in poor quality bones with osteosynthesis. In addition, the injectability of the material enlarge the fields of use, where other products even cannot succeed.

Examples for fields of use:

  • Use in revision surgery
  • Fractures of the proximal and distal femur
  • Fractures of the proximal humerus
  • Distal radius fractures
  • Tibial plateau fractures
  • Filling after tumor resection
  • Filling of cavities by plates / screws Removal

Setting reaction

Graftys HBS - Hardening Bone Substitute

Graftys® HBS is an injectable calcium phosphate bone graft substitute belonging to the same family than QuickSet. Graftys® HBS offer a lower viscosity to facilitate remote injection in close cavities.

Bone graft substitutes functionality - HBS

Graftys Quickset

Graftys® QuickSet is a Calcium Phosphate Cement of high viscosity with mechanical properties similar to those of cancellous bone, supplied in a user-friendly prefilled double-syringe.