EndoDriver: hip stem extraction tool

The EndoDriver is a proven surgical instrument for hip stem removal that should be available in every revision surgery.


endocon Revisions-Operationen der Hüftpfannenendoprothetik Hüfte mit Hüftschaftextraktor

Revision operations are safer and better when scheduled with this instrument.

  • Only a few steps necessary for safe fixation of the instrument to the neck of the prosthesis
  • Axial force transfer and stable clamping force by patented system
  • Transfer of clamping force along a curved tool head to the prosthesis cone
  • Minimized size of the instrument head, designed for limited space conditions
  • Efficient, rational and cost-saving surgical operations
  • Since 1993 successfull in clinical use
  • Complete decomposability of the instrument without additional tools
  • Easy and validated instrument reprocessing

Technical specifications.

  • Cone size from 8 mm to 16 mm possible with clamps
  • Slide hammer weight: 1,0 KG
  • Total weight: 2,2 KG
  • Total length: 550 mm
  • Driving distance: 280 mm
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endoCupex Set Professional
Pos. Art. no. Description
1 780500 Schaftextraktor Set Professional
Main instrument with system tray (sieve insert and basket)
Single and spare parts
EndoDriver Set Professional
Pos. Art. no. Description Pos. Art. no. Description
1 780610 Druckstange AE ST 7 780605
innenliegendem Druckstück
2 780615 Schlüssel R7 8 780601 Spannrahmen
3 780614 Schlüssel R11 9 780613 Handgriff ST2
4 780602 Druckbacke U 10 780611 Führungsrohr AE ST
5 780612 Schlaggewicht 1kg 11 801035 Schaftextraktor tray insert
6 780616 Inbusschlüssel im Korb 12 801001 Tray 1/1 size Aesculap, 60mm

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