safeConnect® Safe impaction of taper junctions

The result of applying manual forces with a mallet to join taper junctions of femoral heads and cup inlays is a wide range of impaction forces.

This represents a potential risk for corrosion and micro motion at the taper junction. Current scientific studies show that a high and constant impact force has a significant impact on the joined tapers’ safety.

Under continuous scientific evaluation a standardized impacting procedure has been developed which guarantees a replicable force application to the taper junctions of femoral heads and cup inlays. A new instrument replaces the mallet driven and manual impaction process.

safeConnect is therefore the essential instrument for primary and revision arthroplasty.

safeConnect Fügeinstrument für konische Verbindungen. Sicher. Präzise. Reproduzierbar.

Functional principle
The instrument is placed on the ball head or cup inlay and is manually pushed in the axial direction of the prosthesis. A mechanism is automatically triggered and releases a constant impulse to the components. As a result, the taper connection is connected by a precise and replicable force.


  • Standardized and safe procedure
  • Precise and replicable application of impaction force
  • One instrument for ball heads and cup inlays
  • Simplified operation handling

safeConnect - the ingenious innovation for hip arthroplasty