endocon GmbH - Heidelberg

Innovation for the patient from romantic Heidelberg, a city of science

endocon develops, manufactures and distributes prostheses for small joints and reusable surgical instruments for arthroplasty.

Founded in 1998, endocon is the reliable development partner for artificial joint replacement and reusable surgical instruments. In direct dialogue with leading users, we develop ideas, implement them using high-end 3D technologies, and produce the products using the latest manufacturing technologies exclusively in Germany.

We want to respond better, quickly and cost-effectively to the demands of the market. We are strongly committed to the patient’s well-being and develop user-safe products of the highest quality for arthroplasty.


endocon is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485.

Who we are

endocon is an innovative company whose goal is to provide patients and orthopaedic surgeons with pioneering arthroplasty products and their associated instruments.

Our products contribute to increasing patient safety and improving the predictability of surgical operations.

What we do

In the development of technical products for the medical field, endocon brings their own products to life as well as the ideas of their customers. The company’s focus is on producing and providing joint replacement and re-usable surgical instruments.

Why do we do it

Our motto - Simplify mobility! - is our guide for our research, production and realisation.

We are committed to patients, surgeons and nursing staff, to providing innovative and safe products, and to preserving and even increasing the quality of life. endocon is constantly conducting research in the field of artificial joints to offer better products with a longer shelf life.





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